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    Rules. Empty Rules.

    Post by Destiny on Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:48 pm

    The following rules are guidelines for in-game behaviour and forum behaviour. If you are found disobeying any of these rules you will be punished. Depending on the strength of the rule you break, you can be either:

    ■Temporarily Muted

    ■Permanently Muted

    ■Temporarily Banned

    ■Permanently Banned

    ■Permanently IP banned

    These punishments will apply both in-game and on the forums.

    1. Offensive/inappropriate/racist language.
    Using any kind of offensive, vile, racist or inappropriate language very unacceptable. Unless our censors block out the whole word, then you will be punished. If you evade the word by "faking" the censors (Example: F**k off!), you will still be punished, however if the word is fully censored (**** off), you will be not. Warnings may be given for either of these, depending on the strength of it.

    2. Scamming.
    As you are aware, scamming comes in many different varieties, all against the rules! Item scamming will result in an atleast a 3 day temporary ban, and you may find the items have been removed from your account. Password scamming is also another scam we don't take lightly here! We have lots of ways of finding who is on the account. If there is an unusual login more than 3 times (someone different from your usual IP), you may be given a warning message when you login to the game and the forums, reminding you to regularly change your password.

    3.Abusing staff members.
    Any form of abuse to staff members will gaurantee a 3 day mute. If you have insulted them, one of our other staff members will contact you, in which you will be given a set time in which to provide evidence. If we think you had a full reason to flame them (Such as they abused you, or their decision was stupid), then your mute will be lifted.

    4. Sectional rules.
    Many forum sections may have specific rules posted at a moderator/admininstator. It is advised to read these as you might be breaking rules you're not aware of!

    5. Spamming.
    Spamming is something that annoys everyone throughout the forums. Spamming means to speak either nonsense or something that is abnormal to what the topic is about.

    6. Inappropriate content.
    The community here at Project Destiny consists of many persons who are under the age of 18. To prevent any unwanted content, one of our rules is no inappropriate content! This means such items as:
    Links leading to inappropriate or higher aged sites
    Gambling content

    7. Links to other communities.
    Links to other communities will not be tolerated in any manner. However, if the link is to a popular site, such as, or, which are needed by many of our members, these will be allowed. Please contact a member of staff if you are at all unsure whether a site is allowed, this way you may dodge an un-needed punishment.

    8. Links to harmful content.
    Any links to harmful content such as viruses or any other programs that can damage your hard-drive will result in a permanent ban. If we think it is needed; we will also IP ban you.

    9. Flaming, insulting or harassing other members.
    Insulting or flaming is already mentioned previously, but it also deserves its own rule, it could result in a permanent mute! Also, harassing members on other sites on in real life could resort in you being IP banned.

    10. Bug abuse.
    Bug abuse will not be tolerated here. If the bug is something that can cause considerable harm to the community, other players or the economy, you will be IP banned.

    11. Personal information.
    Any personal information about yourself or other members, without it being on your profile (unless it is not about you) will result in a permanent mute.

    12. Real world trading
    Real world trading is one of the main rules within the game. Anyone caught either:
    Buying Project Destiny gold or items
    Selling Project Destiny gold or items
    Transferring Project Destiny gold or items
    Doing jobs for Project Destiny gold or items
    Advertising services for Project Destiny gold or items
    Will be permanently banned

    13. Staff impersonation.
    This is when you say you are a mod/admin and you are not, this will end up in a permanent ban.

    14. 'x-ferring'.
    This is when you log into 2 accounts and x'fer the starters over, if you are caught doing this you will be banned on sight.

    15. 'x-logging'.
    This is when you are in combat and you click the 'x' at the top of your screen, doing this will result in a permanent ban.

    16. Farcasting.
    There is a difference between farcasting and hybriding, you are allowed to hybrid but your not allowed to farcast. Anybody caught farcasting will be punished. The only places you can farcast is ::eastdragons, ::pvp2.

    17. "Heal other" during fight.
    This is when somebody is in a fight and you heal him by using the lunar spell heal other, it is unfair if you use this when the person is fighting, so if anybody caught doing this will be punished.

    18. Forum replys.
    This is when you reply to someones post or thread the one word like "ye", "ok", "o.O kewl" and nice etc, if we find you doing this you will be temperly banned.

    Thank you,

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