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    Update list.


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    Update list. Empty Update list.

    Post by Destiny on Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:29 pm

    Here is a list of server updates added and improved.

    Added split chat.
    Added multi pvp.
    Added donater rank.
    Added Vesta, Statius, Morrigans and Zuriels bonuses.
    Added Vesta, Statius, Morrigans and Zuriels recruirments to wield.
    Added Dragon claw special.
    Added Statius warhammer special.
    Added Clanchat with ranks.
    Added Teletabs.
    Added Eventmanager.
    Added more but carnt remember Razz.

    Improved pvp area's.
    Improved Item prices.
    Improved loots.
    Improved Banking.
    Improved Trading.
    Improved commands.

    More updates to come Wink.

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