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    Team Pking Guide!


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    Team Pking Guide! Empty Team Pking Guide!

    Post by failure2die on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:46 pm

    Team Pking Guide!

    I thought to myself what is a guide that could motivate people to use team pking a little more. The first thought was clans and then I realized no one even has a clan on this server yet they post on the forums about alleged clans.

    So I'm going to show what your stats should be and what you should wear and all you really need is...

    A Group of Four

    Four people is enough to ko someone within 30 seconds if you have the right stats and gear so I will go onto that now.

    Stats and Cb

    Total Combat Level: 119
    Attack: 99
    Strength: 99
    Defence: 78
    HitPoints: 99
    Range: 99
    Mage: 99
    Prayer: 85

    Team Pking Guide! Purestats

    Now prayer is imporatant so I'll show you a general Idea of what you need in your inventory...

    Team Pking Guide! Inventoryandmage

    So prayer is essential in team pking now if your team of four has an inventory like that and your mage set up properly I'll go into ADVANCED detail on what to do next.

    This will be the Gear you should wear and the that's what should be in your inventory combine the two and use tactics and your team should be able to kill a lot of people.

    This outfit right here is the outfit you need to wear when your relaxing in a mutli area because all you need to do at first is barrage and it will hit your teammates but the gear there in wont be hit hard at all mostly splashes. And range/barrage until they pray one or the other.

    Team Pking Guide! Chilloutift

    Now when they pray range or mage (mostlikely mage) have one of your guys keep maging because barrage still hits threw prayer really well and the other one ranging while the other two wear this outfit and dds spec.

    Team Pking Guide! Ddsspecoutfit

    Now the torags plate is for defence because the person your trying to kill might fight back and the outfit your wearing is completely defenceless.

    That should kill them if it doesn't keep ranging maging and melee whatever they pray make sure one of you is doing the opposite because you have enough people to assign a task like so.

    Barrager: One guy barrages the whole time in the fight.
    Long Ranger: One member ranges him the whole time from a distance.
    Melee: One member is attacking him the whole time so if the guy your attacking is melee as well just pray melee, because he will be taking all the damage in this ambush.
    Switch off: the last member can mage range or join in on melee ambush he is the switch up because whatever the guy isn't praying his job is to apply as much damage with one of the 3 fighting styles.

    Prayer: Now prayer is important if your maging pray "Mystic Might" if your ranging pray "Eagle Eye" and if your doing melee you need the most prayer pots because you will need to pray "Piety" and "Melee".

    So that is the essential Idea oh whoa I almost forgot about lures.

    Lures: Now if a melee nerd sees a noob in ahrims with a rune cbow they might head out into wild so your melee guy should be the "lure" or the 5th member can be the lure while the rest of your team does a "DD" or "death dot" where he can't see you now your melee guy needs to get only one barrage on him and then pm's the clan to rush they all run from an area unseen from your target and you ambush him with that plan.

    Idea of what a lure looks like..
    Team Pking Guide! Lure
    Or something more expensive just an example.

    There's many forms of luring like wearing "rares" and "being alone" but if your in a clan war size is everything. If your outnumbered RUN!

    Escape!: If your outnumbered its everyman for themselves, run and try to tele pray whatever it takes to get out of there because size is everything in clan wars if you got 4 and there's 2 you can kill both.

    So that concludes my Clan pking guide also you don't have to have 4 people you can double up with 8 people and destroy a single person in 10 seconds. Or more just four is the recommend amount to team pk, you can also do it with 2 people minimal if there skilled because one will have to take 3 rolls while the other takes one. It's confusing but you figure it out.

    So people please create some teams because this is just my idea of the best team ever you can make clans of straight dds clans with 10 people all dds specing one person OOO I forgot about the term...

    Pile: In clans you usually "pile" or jump one specific person or "the highest level of a group" or a single individual. You tell your clan to pile someone by cb or by name just Pile is a good term to use in team pking.

    So back to what I was saying if 10 people in a dds clan rush a single person and pile him with dds specs that's just a nightmare.. So create your own clans and use the rest of Project Destiny!

    Thanks for reading,
    Kat sunny

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    Team Pking Guide! Empty Re: Team Pking Guide!

    Post by failure2die on Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:07 pm

    There's a lot of details I left out but overall I got a good idea of what you would need if you went team pking.
    And I'm sure you guys all know a lot about it already just thought I'd make a guide about it.

    Kat sunny

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